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Alaska columnist, creator and character Barbara Brown with her family

My family figures big in my life and my writing. Husband Tim and daughter Sophie fill my days.

Just who is Barbara Brown?

When public radio in Alaska announces my commentaries, they identify me as "Barbara Brown, whose daily collisions with life leave her with great stories and a grateful heart." This is so true! Loaded with stories, I tell them on the page, on radio, in theater, and in speeches. A good story binds us together, shares a laugh, builds a community.

For eight years, I told stories in a weekly newspaper column. The people who save boxes for the day they might find the perfect contents or the mothers whose daughters periodically dispatch them to "Mommy Jail" even the Alaskans who terrorize visitors with stories of the dreaded mud flats all these people found a common denominator in my writing. Life is all around us with stories begging to be noticed.

Sometimes, my stories need more than words, sometimes they need voice and a stage. During the summers, I take to the bench; I tell stories to children who show up on Wednesday evenings at the Alaska Botanical Garden. Other times, I deliver keynote speeches for organizations looking for motivation and humor. Every year, I am the pronouncer (the Werd Nerd) for the Anchorage Literacy Project's adult spelling bee, the BizBee. It's crucial to give others the tools for their stories, too.

I've written and performed in two one-woman plays, one of which traveled to San Francisco. "A Little Bit Pregnant" is about the heartache and hilarity of infertility interventions; "My Friend Is Coming" takes us back to 12-year-old angst and secrets. Next on the agenda is "First Sex."


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